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Danish Flats

August 17, 2012
by John Weisheit

Update: This facility has become a business that is open by appointment only.

February, 2017 - Produced Water Facilities at Harley Dome& Danish Flats Falter Under Impact of Oil & Gas Market Decline. Times-Independent.


Danish Flats was the first commercial facility with evaporation ponds built in the state of Utah for the purpose of disposing fracking fluids from regional oil and gas drilling operations. This was a response by the industry, who encountered resistance for these kinds of facilities by the regulators in the state of Colorado. The facility is along the Interstate 70 corridor in Grand County. Exit 214 is the truck route to the 13 evaporation ponds excavated into the Mancos shale of the Cisco Desert. The facility is controversial because the company intended to have a minimal impact on air quality, and soon found it's operations to be out of compliance. The Department of Air Quality has been very patient about the company (Danish Flats Environmental Services) bringing the operations into compliance and it remains unclear how this problem will be remediated.

NEW INFORMATION: Addendum to revised NOI. 1/4/2013




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