Lithium corporations pursue limited water supplies in the Colorado River Basin
by John S. Weisheit
Every new water diversion is a threat to sustainibility in the Colorado River Basin
WATER RIGHT CHANGE APPLICATION by Kane Creek Preservation and Development, LLC
by John S. Weisheit
Public Notice from Utah Division of Water Rights to citizens of Grand County
PRESENTATIONS, NEWS and OPINION about the proposed development project at Kings Bottom above Kane Creek
by John S. Weisheit
Another clash upon the geography, climate and culture on the Colorado River
Kane Creek Preservation and Development: ENFORCEMENT OF LAND USE CODES under review
by John S. Weisheit
Ultimately, it is Nature that decides what is appropropriate development on an active floodplain.
Kings Bottoms & Kane Creek Development and the FLOOD HISTORY OF COLORADO RIVER
by John S. Weisheit
Planning and zoning below the 100-year floodplain
Kane Creek Preservation and Development Project at Kings Bottom
by John S. Weisheit
Upscale development project below the 100-year floodplain zone of the Colorado River
American Potash seeks operations in Grand County, Utah
by John S. Weisheit
Huge water depletions from the Colorado River Basin continue without any regard for restraint
SUMMARY: Groundwater Science for Moab and Spanish Valley
by John Weisheit
A summation of both water quantity and water quality in regards to statutory safe yield requirements
SUMMARY: Groundwater Protection Analysis for Moab City and Spanish Valley
by John Weisheit
A summary of our sensitive and complicated groundwater and surface water systems
WURMP: Committee to develop a Water Utility Resource Management Plan Moab & Spanish Valley, Utah
by John S. Weisheit
This is an interagency management plan that involves the legislative and utility authorities for sharing water resources
USGS: National Ground-Water Monitoring Network
by John Weisheit
USGS funding opportunities and data collection with public archives
SJSVSSD: Change Application for San Juan Spanish Valley Special Service District
by John Weisheit
San Juan County plans to appropriate 5,000 acre-feet for development in upper Spanish Valley
GCWCD: Water inventory of Grand County Water Conservancy District
by John Weisheit
Water right numbers and the administrative record with brief description
Book Cliffs Highway Application Submission of 2020 and 2021 and all other previous applications
by John Weisheit
Application formally submitted to BLM in June of 2020; revisions in the application are necessary.
Spanish Valley Development Plan in San Juan County
by John Weisheit
5,000 acres of proposed development without having secure water supplies
Flood Control in Moab City and Spanish Valley
by John Weisheit
An assessment of flood mitigation that residents and property owners must understand
Danish Flats Water Disharge Permit 2019 Renewal
by John Wesiheit
Public Comment ends October 14, 2019 at 5:00 P.M. (Mountain Time)
Utah’s Draft 2019 Regional Conservation Plan
by John Weisheit
Thirty-day public comment period closes September 25, 2019
Community Impact Board and Utah Counties Hope to Use Public Funds to Subsidize Infrastructure for Corporate Operations
by John Weisheit
Instead of ameliorating the impacts, Utah prefers to conflagrate the impacts
SITLA's Housing Plan for USU in Moab City
by John Weisheit
Request for Qualications and Statement of Interest
The Final Green and Colorado Comprehensive Management Plan Development and Mineral Leasing Plan
by John Weisheit
The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands is developing the first comprehensive management plans for sovereign land sections of the Colo­rado and Green Rivers
Archive of watershed news since 1896 from the Times-Independent
by Jeremy Lnych
Articles about events related to the hydrology of Moab and Grand County, Utah
San Juan Spanish Valley Special Service District
by John Weisheit
The Administrative Record
Upcoming Events
by Jeff Adams
Please join us during our upcoming events at the Grand County Middle School and Grand COunty Hospice.
Lion's Back Development Project: Public Document Archive
by John Weisheit
Documents Concerning the Revised Development Proposal for 2017
Watershed Stewardship and Permaculture in Castle Valley
by Jeff Adams
A free workshop at Castle Valley library Saturday February 25 2017, 10am-12:30
The development of the County Resource Management Plan (CRMP) for Grand County, Utah
by John Weisheit
Utah state legislature mandate the 29 counties of Utah to prepare resource management plans
CWC recieves grant from New Belgium Brewing for Urban Greening
by Jeff Adams
Thank you New Belgium Brewing for supporting our work!
Document archive to help local citizens understand the complexities of watershed stewardship
by John Weisheit
A list of helpful documents to manage water resources
Green Infrastructure Tour Recap
by Jeff Adams
Green Infrastructure (GI) incorporate natural systems and biological process into stormwater management. GI is being used around the country to achieve water quality and other ecosystem benefits in conjunction with conventional s
Be Water Wise
by Sharon Sullivan, Moab Sun News
Would you like to do more with less – watering, that is? If so, you might want to attend a free workshop that offers demonstrations on how to harvest and conserve water
Greywater system pilot projects now underway in Moab
by Molly Marcello, The Times Independent
After a years-long collaboration between state regulators, permaculture designers, and homeowners, the first gravity-fed graywater system in Utah was recently permitted at the Moab home of Dr. Roslynn Brain.
Watershed Stewards Program – Upcoming Events for Fall 2016
by Jeff Adams
Please join Canyonlands Watershed Council for our fall Education and Action workshops! We are excited to be collaborating with a range of community organizations on the following events. All events are free and open to everyone.
Do more with less water
by Heila Ershadi, Moab Sun News Guest Column
Green Infrastructure: new technologies with time-tested ethics
Moab Bee Inspired Garden calendar
by Utah State University Extension
A calendar of workshops and other Bee Inspired Garden events
CommuniTEA Garden
by Lara Gale, Moab Sun News
From vacant lot to welcoming space
June 2016 Roundtable Recap
by Heila Ershadi
A summary of CWC's June 2016 Roundtable Discussion
Bee Inspired group to host June 22 workshop on plants and pollinators
by Molly Marcallo, Moab Times-Independent
First BIG workshop in series
May 2016 Roundtable Recap
by Heila Ershadi
A summary of CWC's May 2016 Roundtable and current action items
Watershed Council launches monthly discussions
by Moab Sun News, CWC Press Release
First public Roundtable Discussion set for April 18, 2016
CWC in 2016
by Heila Ershadi
Celebrating accomplishments and looking ahead at 2016
Watershed Resiliency Stewards Program
by Jeff Adams
A multifaceted program to inspire, support, and celebrate individual and community action for a healthy, resilient watershed.
Feb 18 event at Back of Beyond focuses on Yampa River
by Moab Times-Independent
Article on book tour sponsored by CWC
"It takes a community to save a river"
by Sharon Sullivan, Moab Sun News
Article on book tour sponsored by CWC
Completed Bee Inspired Gardens project celebrated at Aarchway Inn
by Molly Marcallo, Moab Times-Independent
A Bee Inspired Garden installed at local inn
Bee Inspired Gardens at Aarchway
by Rudy Herndon, Moab Sun News
A Bee Inspired Garden installed at local inn
BLM Moab District Master Leasing Plan DEIS
by John Weisheit
Comment period open for a Resource Management Plan to develop oil, gas and potash in Grand County, Utah
The good and the bad news about Moab's rain
by Mary O'Brien
Climate change and water in Moab and the western US
County Coalition to use Community Impact funds to Deliver Coal to Oakland Port
by John Weisheit
Utah politicians to give hand-outs to corporations and not to communities
Building community through permaculture
by Jeremy Lynch, Moab Sun News Guest Columnist
Condensed version of essay originally in "Permaculture Design"
Campus Permaculture Project Gets Exported To Moab
by Jon Kovash, Utah Public Radio
Utah University's Moab campus gets permaculture landscape
Moab Bee Inspired Garden video
by Utah State University Extension
A video introduction to the Moab Bee Inspired Garden initiative
The Eastern Utah County Coalition for the Development of Oil and Gas Infrastructure
by John Weisheit
Proposal by public servants using public funds for corporate aid
How much water does Moab really have?
by Eric Trenbeath, Moab Sun News
Proposed study of the Glen Canyon Aquifer
USGS announces plans to conduct a three-year groundwater study in Moab
by Jeff Richards, Moab Times-Independent
Study of the Glen Canyon Aquifer
Bishop Lands Bill - Citizens Meeting
by Chris Baird
Maps and Support Materials for the Bishop Lands Bill Citizens Meeting
Permaculture rain garden at USU-Moab helps teach about wise water use
by Molly Marcallo, Moab Times-Independent
Permaculture raingarden at Utah State University's Moab campus
Welcoming the birds and the bees
by Taylor Thompson
A new Bee Inspired Garden at Rotary Park
New garden project aims to 'bee inspired'
by Rudy Herndon, Moab Times-Independent
Introducing the Bee Inspired Garden initiative
Development of Groundwater Management Plan for Moab and Spanish Valley
by John Weisheit
State, county and city managers begin a process to avoid conflicts over water between Grand and San Juan Counties
Enviromental Impact Statement on Grazing for Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
by David deRoulhac
Scoping Period and Field Trips for Citizens Begin on November 7th
Proposed Anadarko Oil & Gas Development of the Book Cliffs in Grand County
by John Weisheit
SITLA and Anadarko announce possible oil and gas development in roadless wilderness and wildlife area
Update: Rocky Mountain Goat Introduction to the La Sal Mountains
by Mary O'Brien
How to get involved in the process
Green River Potash Project
by John Weisheit
Proposal to extract potash near Spring Canyon on the rim of Labyrinth Canyon
Proposed Utah Public Lands Exchange for Wilderness and Mineral Extraction
by John Weisheit
K2O Potash, San Juan County and SITLA propose land exchange and Congreesman Rob Bishop takes the lead
Green River Refinery Proposed
by John Weisheit
Refinery will process unconventional oil for land and air transportation fuels
Formal Protest: February 2013 Oil and Gas Lease Sale
by Laurel Hagen
CWC filed a formal protest of certain parcels in the BLM's 2013 oil and gas lease sale
Feb 2013 Oil and Gas Lease Sale near Moab: EA Released
by Laurel Hagen
An update on the BLM's proposed oil and gas lease sale, including parcels near Moab
Utah passes a new fracking disclosure rule
by Laurel Hagen
the Board of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining passed a new rule requiring that an oil company using “fracking” in drilling practices must publicly disclose the chemicals used
Proposed Pinyon Ridge Uranium Mill at Paradox Valley
by John Weisheit
Public meetings and comment period now open until November 12, 2012
Danish Flats
by John Weisheit
Compilation of documents related to fracking fluids evaporating in ponds in Grand County
Westwater Farms Redux
by John Weisheit
WWF to drill new injection well for fracking fluids and seek a disharge permit for irrigation
BLM's February 2013 Oil and Gas Lease Sale
by John Weisheit
Inappropriate oil and gas drilling will impair water and air quality in the Canyon Country District
Proposal by K2O, Inc. for Potash Mining near Hatch Point
by John Weisheit
Oil, Gas and Potash development encroaches upon Canyonlands National Park and Canyon Rims Recreation Area
Redux of the Long Canyon Pump Back Project
by John Weisheit
A hydro electric project proposed by Utah Independent Power, Inc. in Grand County, Utah
State of Utah New Water Legislation Review
by Laurel Hagen
The Utah State Legislature recently concluded its 2012 session. Here's a brief and informal review of new legislation affecting water and irrigation.
Master Leasing Plan: Amendments to Moab and Monticello Resource Management Plans
by John Weisheit
EIS for the leasing of parcels for oil, gas and potash
Water Right Application for Pinnacle Potash Corporation
by John Weisheit
A proposed project to extract potash and ground-water in Grand County near Arches National Park
Public scoping meetings for the Department of Energy Uranium Leasing Program at Uravan Mineral Belt
by John Weisheit
Lawsuit generates a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
Tar Sands Strip Mining in Canyon Country
by John Weisheit
The first proposed tar sands mining project by Earth Energy Resources will destroy an already damaged watershed
History of the campaign to protect Johnson's Up-On-Top and the water supplies of Moab and Spanish Valley
by John Weisheit
The struggle to stop Cloudrock as a case of inappropriate development in Grand County
Energy projects threaten Utah's water resources
by Harold Shepherd
Calls for an oil shale and nuclear revival have led to rampant mineral and water speculation in Utah
Canyonlands Watershed Council receives grant from Model Forest Policy Program
by John Weisheit
CWC has received start up funds totaling $20,000 to articulate and develop a watershed planning document
The prospect of watershed planning in the Moab area
by Laurel Hagen
The quality and efficacy of a watershed plan depends entirely on our community’s willingness to bring agencies together, gather scientific resources, educate and collect information from the public, and work together
Climate change denial: Don’t buy it!
by Harold Shepherd
It is critical that citizens educate ourselves about the complexities of oil shale development and don’t buy into climate change denial or the blame game
Bleak prospects from the oil shale extraction industry
by Lance Christie
Developing dirty energy from the nation's oil shale reserves is a step in the wrong direction
The watershed of southeastern Utah
by John Weisheit
A synopsis of the drainage patterns in Grand and San Juan Counties, Utah
The history of watershed enlightenment in southeast Utah
by John Weisheit
Utah's Far Country is a place of big rivers, tall escarpments, deep canyons and high mountains