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Bishop Lands Bill - Citizens Meeting

May 04, 2014
by Chris Baird

Please see below for maps related to the presentation on Monday, May 5th. The excel file is forthcoming.

Book Cliffs Detail

Potash Alt 1 - 3


All Oil, Gas, and Mining

OHV and Roads Alt. 1

OHV and Roads Alt 2

OHV and Roads Alt 3

Oil and Gas Alt 1

Oil and Gas Alt 2

Oil and Gas Alt 3

Recreation Alt 1 - 3

Recreation Alt 1

Recreation Alt 2

Recreation Alt 3

Below is a revised version of the comment letter sent to the Grand Co. Council regarding their proposal to Rep. Bishop's Public Lands Initiative. This letter includes a section "“Assessment fee for proposed use of haul route” that was submitted after the 5pm deadline and may not be part of the public record. * This is Canyonlands Watershed Council's opinion, which was withheld during the Citizens Meeting of May 5th.

Canyonlands Watershed Council's Comment Letter

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