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Document archive to help local citizens understand the complexities of watershed stewardship

November 28, 2016
by John Weisheit




Water Sense. EPA.


1979 - Colorado River Basin Water Problems and How to Reduce Their Impact. Government Accountibility Office.

1998 - National Drought Policy Act

2000 - Preparing for Drought in the 21st Century; (Appendices). National Drought Policy Commission.

2001 - Drinking Water Protection Plan for Moab Wells

2001 - Skakel Springs Drinking Water Source Protection Plan

2002 - Updated Drinking Water Protection Plan for Moab Wells

2005 - Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction (emphasis on drought and floods). National Science and Technology Council.

2006 - The Moab Mill Project. A technical report toward reclaiming uranium mill tailings along the Colorado River in Grand County, Utah. Living Rivers.

2006 - Managing Drought and Water Scarcity in Vulnerable Environments. Geologial Society of America.

2008 - Lion's Back Hydrogeology Memo. EPA.

2008 - A Look at Johnson's-Up-On-Top

2009 - Moab Sustainibility Resolution

2009 - 35-years after the National Water Commission Report of 1973. Congressional Research Service.

2009 - The End of Abundance: How Water Bureaucrats Created and Destroyed the Southern California Oasis. Zetland.

2009 - Prosperity Without Growth Report. Jackson.

2009 - Grand County Water Conservation and Management Plan. GWSSA.

2010- Forest and Water Climate Adaption: A case Study of Moab and Castle Valley, Utah. CWC.

2011 - Moab City Water Conservation Plan Update

2012 -Crossroads Utah. URC.

2013 - Hydrologic Assessment of the Surface Water and Groundwater Resources of Castle Valley, Utah: Part 1: Hydrologic and Environmental Analysis (HESA) and Preliminary Water Budget

2014 - Moab City Water System Data

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2014 - Living with Water Scarcity; (References). Zetland.

2015- A Performance Audit of Projections of Utah's Water Needs. Utah legislative audit.

2016 - Grand County Water Master Plan. GWSSA.



Moab Area Watershed Graphic. MAWP & CWC.



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