The La Sal Mountains. Photo by Tom Till.
The La Sal Mountains. Photo by Tom Till.






The Canyonlands Watershed Council promotes and protects the health of southeastern Utah water and watersheds. Our activities include:

  • - Ensuring that the public trust (the principle that natural resources are preserved for public use, and that the government is required to maintain them in healthy condition for future generations) is addressed by public processes;
  • - Maintaining close familiarity with on-ground conditions;
  • - Facilitating collaborative efforts between watershed stakeholders;
  • - Providing scientific information by conducting and facilitating studies to: assess watershed health, establish benchmarks and desired conditions, collect baseline data and identify data gaps, and monitor results of management decisions;
  • - Reaching out to engage southeastern Utah (including government, NGOs, private entities and individuals) in sustainable water and land use practices; and
  • - Developing resources--such as maps, graphics and other publications--that help our communities understand our waters and watersheds.