Our planning document

Park Avenue in Arches National Park
Park Avenue in Arches National Park




I. Introduction, Need and Purpose

II. The Canyonlands Watersheds: Descriptions, Delineations, Resources Southeast Colorado River  Basin/Greater Kane Springs Section
A. Moab/Spanish Valley (Pack Creek, Mill Creek)
B. Castle Valley (Castle Creek, Placer Creek)
C. Dolores River
D. Others

III.  Canyonlands Watershed Council:  Partnerships, Organization, Funding

IV. Legal, Regulatory, Jurisdictional and Administrative Infrastructures, Mandates, Guidance, Programs and Issues
A. Federal
B. State
C. Local (County and Municipal)
D. Tribal
E. NGO/private

V. Watershed Characterizations
A. Geophysical/General
B. Social, Demographic, Economic, Transportation
C. Biological, Soils
D. Hydrological
1. Surface waters
2. Groundwater
3. Quantification, Water Rights and Uses
4. Wastewater, Stormwater
5. Water Quality, Impairments and Pollution Sources
6. Ecosystem health and Biodiversity
7. Community Water Budget
8. Climatological
a. Baseline/historic
b. Climate change influences, trends, projected effects

VI. Identification of Issues, Problems, Goals and Solutions
A. Watershed/Ecological Health and Economic/Industrial Activity
B. Relationships/Indigenous Perspectives
C. Water Quantity and Quality
D. Community Sustainability
E. Governance and Management; Political, Legal and Administrative Considerations

VII. Implementation Strategies, Plans and Management
A. Addressing Protected and Impaired Waters
B. Air Quality Management
C. Other Pollution Sources
1. Municipal Solid Waste
2. Land Use
3. Mining, Manufacturing, Industrial, Waste Disposal
4. Non-point Pollution
D. Data Collection and Analysis
E. Restoration  Strategies
F.  Monitoring

VIII. Watershed and Community Sustainability
A. Issues/Realities/Challenges
1. Peak Oil
2. Peak water
3. Climate Change
4. Economic Upheaval
B. Mission, Values and Goals
1. Community Focus Areas
C. Water
D. Energy
E. Agriculture
F.  Building, Construction and Development
G. Transportation
H. Community Security and Well Being, Education, Participation, Implementation

IX. Monitoring, Review, Revision, and Measuring Success

X. Glossary, Reference Maps and Tables, Appendices

XI. Technical Resources, Expert Consultation, Agency programs, Publications and Studies